Monday, November 30, 2009

Birthday Cake and a Fat Lip

It's official, my baby is 2 whole years old. I'd heard that "it goes by so fast", but honestly didn't believe it. Maybe it did for everyone else, but not for me, I would pay extra attention and enjoy everything as much as possible... fast forward 2 years and I will agree, it goes fast... too fast... What happened to the last couple years? When did my little 8 pound baby turn into a toddler??The poor thing had a rough couple of days too. He was playing with a bouncy ball and hit himself in the eye. The same day did a face plant on the kitchen floor, resulting in a lot of blood and a fat lip. A day went by, the swelling went down and then today he some how did a nose dive into the TV stand and split his bottom lip and cut under his nose! made for some sad looking birthday photos let me tell ya...

ah, but it's nothing a little pirate costuming and cake can't fix!!!