Sunday, August 22, 2010

Date Night

My hunnie works shift work. Shifts that are not especially family friendly either. So once his rotation begins we don't see much of him until it finishes or is at least in the last day or so. When we were back in Ontario we took advantage of the free childcare available, grandparents, and went on a date morning/early afternoon/lunch. For lunch we went to this fantastic gourmet pizza place and had a wonderful time!
This shift rotation for my hubby I thought I'd do something special and make us up a nice dinner. I fed the kids, put them to bed got myself all prettied up (as in... changed out of my PJ's into jeans!) and we had a late dinner together.
The meal was awesome! I made up my version of the pizza he had while on our date in ON and was SOOO pleased with the outcome, I made my sister-in-law's amazing salad with rasberries and apples and pecans (instead of strawberries, mandarines and almonds), and an amazing lemon dessert. It was a wonderful evening.
Hang on to your hats, because I'm about to share how to make the best pizza in the world, but it's lots of steps and we're going to be flying all over the web to get the bits and pieces of it!
Yesterday I made some blackened chicken and apple butter, and today I made Pioneer Woman's Pizza crust (AMAZING stuff this is, I used half and froze the other half).
...I guess that's all the travelling required to get the recipes... huh, felt like more when I was making it!!
To assemble the pizza I spread the pizza crust onto the pizza pan, spread the apple butter all over the pizza dough (pretend it's the tomato sauce) caramalized some onions and scattered those over the apple butter. I then cubed the chicken and spread it over the apple butter and onions and then covered it all with cheddar cheese! baked it according to PW's instruction for the dough and until the cheese was melted to our taste.
MMM.... just writing it out again, I'm tempted to go and make it again...

Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been sewing most of my spare time the last little while so when my hubby asked me to bake him some cookies today I couldn't help but give in to his simple request. And I have to admit, taking a break from looking at this
to looking at this
was a more then welcome trip.
After I ate approximately my weight in cookies, I sent the left overs into work with my sweetie. It was one of the hardest decisions I've made in a long time!
The recipe I used can be found here. I added in a bag of white chocolate chips as requested though!