Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm officially obsessed with knitting.
It's one of the only things I think about and is always on the top of my to do list.
A few months ago while YouTube searching an answer to a problem I was having I came across this advertisement

and was all over it! I sighed up shortly after and could not recommend it more.
I made the lacy scarf (pattern provided in the course materials) and was super pleased with the results.
Stefanie Japel does a couple more classes through the craftsy website and I'm thinking my mister will be gifting them to me this Christmas!

PS - look at these awesome new knitting needles I got!! I can't wait to use them!!

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dana @ wonder forest said...

i like knitting :) i only seem to knit in the winters though... i guess when i get frustrated with not having enough warm accessories, i pull out the yarn. haha.
xo dana