Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Panel Rag Quilt

The very first quilt I ever made was a rag quilt. I cut many pieces of fabric into squares, did the same with quilting batting, made little batting sandwiches with fabric on either side and sewed each square together with the seams exposed. I was so excited about it during the snipping phase (snipping slits into the exposed seams), and while it washed and then oh so dissapointed once it finished and I realized that the instructions I had been following had you cut the batting the same size as the fabric pieces... this meant that the finished product had bits of batting sticking out between all the ruffly goodness of the different fabric squares.
I do still love rag quilts though, they just seem so worn and comfy. When I saw the idea of making the quilt in strips instead of squares I was sold. Reading over the instructions I found here I was in complete awe, using flannel instead of quilting batting? Brilliant! I whipped this sucker up in about 2 days. I really think you could do it in a night if you had the time to dedicate to it. It's super simple and lovely and warm.
You can find tutorials all over the internet for quilts like this so I didn't do one up, but this one is a good one.

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