Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 Months!

 photo 9db95cbf-8610-4c6b-9be6-defc0965b5c6_zps53cea18e.jpg
My Charlotte turned 5 months old yesterday! So hard to believe...
Right now she weighs 13 pounds and is a wearing a big 0-3 or small 3-6 month clothing. She loves her jolly jumper and chews everything in sight. She just discovered that big ol' left ear of hers and likes to bat and flick at it. She still isn't much of a talker but will squeal with delight when you smile at her and tell her she's pretty. If you laugh at her she will echo you quickly with her own little raspy giggles and she loves to be tickled by her daddy. She is still a very easy going baby and quite content although she has given up her dreamy sleeping habits, waking every 30-45 minutes at night (much like her brothers). Such precious times, I hope so much to remember every second of it!

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Kaylee said...

Oh my goodness you are a sweetie! Wish I was closer to give you some well deserved cuddles :)
Lots of love!