Wednesday, March 23, 2011


When I was little my grandmother taught me how to knit.
Every summer growing up my brothers and I would each take an individual vacation to my grandparents for a week of fun and goodies with our grandma & pa all to ourselves.
They would always try to cater our visits so that we did things each of us liked that we wouldn't necessarily get to do if the entire family had come along.
We'd go to the wave pool, the museum... grandma and I would bake... and I remember one year I asked her to teach me to knit.

I'm not quite sure what happened, but somewhere along life's way since then I put down the knitting needles and never picked them up again... until now that is!

Trouble is... I couldn't remember a thing about knitting!
Taking the advice of some friends I sat down with my knitting needles, yarn and YouTube and am back on track!

Seriously, what did we ever do without YouTube?!?

I have a couple of friends that are facing the same dilemma of knitting forgetfulness so I thought I'd share the video I found most helpful.

I'd probably stop watching around 2 1/2 minutes in, it gets a little boring after that... but the first part is really clear and, so far, the best instructions I've been able to find online.

or if you'd rather read the instructions, go here!

I also found this site which is full of free videos that are pretty helpful.

I have so many projects planned in my head now for my little knitting needles!
Time to practice, practice, practice!!

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