Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Entire Week & A Cake

I can't believe it's been an entire week since my last post!
Life has continued to be a blur of cake decorating, cleaning, long car trips and sickness.

Last week I mentioned the cake I was making for a sweet little girl's third birthday.
I was a little disappointed with the colours, I was hoping they would be bolder, but overall I was pleased with the cake!
Friday morning I received a call from the children's hospital reminding me of an apt that was booked 2 years ago as a follow up for Zac.
He was born with a heart murmur and although it's not a big concern it is something the Dr's like to keep an eye on to ensure it's only getting smaller with his age.
A reminder on Friday for an apt on Monday made for a bit of scrambling on our part as the hospital is about 3.5 hours away. That trip with 2 kids is not usually a fun time...

This trip though hubby started to feel under the weather on the way to the hospital. He was able to get us there (he was driving) but as soon as the van was in park at the hospital he pretty much crumbled. He spent the rest of the trip in the passenger seat holding his head praying for death while I tried to navigate around an unfamiliar city with less then steller driving skills.
We made it back to the rooms where we were staying around 4pm and he slept until morning. We had some running around to accomplish while in "the big city" so hubs slept in the back seat while I drove and amused the boys. Hubby was able to muster up the energy to deal with the boys while I drove our long trip home.
It was quite possibly the most stressful trip into "town" we have ever made!
Turns out hubby has strep throat.
Yesterday I started to feel under the weather but I think the worst of it was last night and this morning. I'm just hoping with all my might that the boys can avoid catching anything.

All that to be said, I think I should be back to regular posts now!
I'm getting ready to do a juice cleanse later this week and have gone vegetarian in prep. for it, so I have loads to share! but more on that later.

Have a lovely evening!!

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