Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Our time at home has been such a rush of activity all the days are officially starting to blur together!!

I have no pics (downloaded) to share just yet and it feels like I have no time to really type either.
The wedding is over and the happy couple is officially honey-mooning leaving us all to take a deep breath of relaxation and try to figure out what day we are on...

Zac had such a blast at the reception! We let him dance himself silly. So funny to see a 3 year old steal the show in the middle of a circle of adults chanting his name. We had to keep taking him outside in an effort to cool him off and rehydrate him. Crazy little man was the life of the party!
Until 10:30pm. Then I pulled the mom card and decided it was time for him to go to bed. But he was still going strong and did not stop quite as willingly as his little brother.

I will have all kinds of updates soon on all the crazy fun things we've been doing, but the rest of this week is still packed with scheduled activities so you may need to wait a touch longer.
The hubs heads home this weekend and the boys and I will be transferring our stuff to my parents house for a few more weeks (I'll explain later), where things will start to calm down allowing me a bit more time to share.

It is late.late.late for me at the moment though so I must run to bed in a effort to gain some energy and give the coffee a bit of a rest.
xo for now.

PS - I had forgotten how much I missed Starbucks... I'm considering pitching a tent in the store...

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