Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The 4 F's of 2013

It's January... the month where you set goals for the up coming year, vow to loose those last 10 pounds and watch how you spend your money so you can be a millionaire in 5 years. I understand, I've done it too... incase you are just tuning in I am crazy in love with goal setting!
This year though I decided to switch things up and not set any goals... not a one!
I have decided that instead of setting goals I am choosing areas in my life to focus on... with intention if you will.
I decided to stick to a letter theme, because something about that seems fun to me.
So I present to you, my 4 F's for 2013.

1. Faith - Every year I attempt to read my bible in 365 days... every year I fail. This year I decided that setting that goal in the past has never really been about completing the goal but more what it meant, sitting down and intentionally putting time and effort into my spiritual growth. So this year, no goal to read my bible in its entirety, but to just read it. To set aside time each day to read my bible, no matter if it's a few chapters or a few verses, and to pray.

2. Family - I am always thinking of ways to become a better mother, wife, daughter and sister. This year I am going to stop thinking and start acting, I am going to be more present in my kids lives, put more effort into showing my husband how much he means to me and put a greater effort into my longer distance relationships with family.

3. Friends - My mister's job causes us to move, and those that we are close with (who are often in the same profession) to move quite constantly as well. Because of all the moving it can become difficult to make and maintain friendships. I have decided to dedicate more of my time to making and maintaining good friendships. I'm not looking to up my contact list in my phone by any means, but I am looking to grow lasting relationships.

4. Fitness - There was a time (pre-kid, naturally) that I was fit. I might even say I was very fit, not extremely, but very. Then I had kids and finding the time to focus on my health and fitness became harder and harder. This year I've decided to try and get back in shape, don't read loose weight as this is just a side effect of the true focus here, to once again be able to run up the stairs or chase after my kids without getting winded.

I am so excited about 2013 and the focus and intention I am hoping it will bring!!

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