Monday, January 7, 2013

Z is for Zachary

You thought I had forgotten hadn't you? No, no... forgetful I am not, just sometimes... delayed. Punctuality is not my strong suit.
I must say, naming a child a name that starts with the letter Z comes in quite handy for projects like this. While most people struggle to think of something creative or original all I have to do is look to my first born.
My Zachary... such a sweet and sensitive little boy. He has an incredibly soft heart and loves deeper then anyone I've ever met. He loves to cuddle, superheros and angry birds. He is learning to read so quickly and colors like a pro. He was the first part of my heart to grow legs and walk around outside of my body. He is the biggest helper any mama could ask for and snores like a 300 pound man!
Ah Zac... growing so fast it makes my heart ache.

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