Tuesday, March 19, 2013

6 Months Old!

 photo 116e00d6-9f82-4ed8-9755-6622de132d8c.jpg
Miss C turned 6 months old last week! So hard to believe how fast time seems to be going in her little life! Right now I'm estimating that she's about 15lbs. She's very dainty and petit just barely fitting into 6 month clothing... she has massive feet though... and lovely long fingers for her chubby little hand. She can sit up on her own and is loving rice cereal, she was an instant pro eating off a spoon. She gives very enthusiastic kisses, complete with a firm grip on either side of your face and all kinds of extra drool. She's still not much of a talker, she squeeks and squeels... sounds a bit like a monkey... and she says mama and dada. Dada she just babbles but my girl knows her mama (or she's at least made the connection that saying mama results in someone giving her attention)! She's become slightly picky with her song choices but "This little light of mine" is always a hit met with sweet little smiles. She has rolled over twice, but I have no illusions of her taking that hobby up, she's quite lazy when it comes to putting her on her belly and would really rather lie there then attempt to push up. Her room is finally ready and she'll be moving in at some point over the next few weeks... as soon as I can cope with her being too big for her Moses basket.

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