Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life Right Now

 photo d857a8d8-6dd1-4eb6-b7f0-b17b4d3f957c.jpg
Waiting for transfer papers
Excited for this movie
Saving for this spinning wheel or this one... I just can't decide
Reading Proverbs and James
Drinking Fizz Tabs
Considering a new career path
Searching to define myself as more then just a mom
Expecting all kinds of company over the next few months
Cleaning everything! It's a strange and unknown side of me...
Watching Food Inc and The Bible
Sleeping very little
Thankful for all the clothes we have been given for Charlotte
Renovating bedrooms, 1 down 2 to go!
Donating toys and clothes by the bag full and loving it!
Making giraffe's, dolls, candles, pillows, blankets and so much more!
Eating almonds by the fist full

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