Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big Boy Bed

We moved our oldest little guy into a "big boy" bed today.

It was a strange and emotional experience for me, I will admit it! Even my husband took the plunge into the land of sap, once everything was assembled, remembering how carefully he drove the three of us home from the hospital 2 days after Zac was born.

Zac doesn't deal well with change... but really do any 2 and half year olds?

Although we were able to get him into his bed and leave the room, within 10 minutes he was calling out a little scared, so my sweet hubby crawled in with him to keep him company in this new, huge and unfamiliar bed.

The plan was to be in there a minute or two, just long enough to ease any first night jitters... alas half an hour later I still have yet to see the return of my husband... which realistically could hurt us in this process for a little while, but knowing that my oldest takes such comfort in the presence of his father warms my heart so much, I don't mind the possible set back at all!

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