Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sewing Patterns Make Me Happy

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother's sewing machine.

I remember her cutting out patterns in our basement, sorting through fabric, deciding which would look best with whatever it was that she was making at the time. I remember her excitement when my father built shelves in her little sewing corner so she could stack and organize and I remember when he made her a table that she could work on... I can't remember what she used prior to the existence of that table, but I DO remember that she didn't always have the table!

Mom tried to teach me how to sew at one point... I think I did pretty well, but I'm sure she would tell you otherwise. There was always a bit of a power struggle between us when I was growing up. Translated? I didn't listen to her, and then I lost interest in learning.

When my hubby and I moved from Ontario to Newfoundland, I decided to pick it up again though. I never really forgot the basics mom showed me when I would listen, but most of what I know now has been learned through trial and error and patient phone calls with my mother. She is really quite the saint for putting up with me the way she does!

Given that I'm mostly self taught the idea of sewing clothes scares the life out of me! But I decided that I need to challenge myself if I'm going to continue to grow and develop my skill. So I bit the dust a few weeks ago and ordered 2 patterns, and they arrived today!

I want to make the dress on the left for my brother-in-laws wedding rehearsal next summer in July (I figure this gives me PLENTY of time!) and the other was more just for the fun of it! I have dreams of being in a 1950's movie wearing a beautiful dress, so I thought I just might make myself that beautiful dress! what could possibly be more fun then that?!!?

and what makes it so much better is this little mark on the top left corner of the patterns!

You see I love vintage! I love vintage like I love to breath, however it's a little more expensive then my hubby likes to dish out for clothes, so it's something I have sacrificed in order to avoid potential rolling eyes, scowling huffs or little arguments that could happen whenever I wear a vintage item. I don't intend for this to last forever mind you! But given our current location in the world, coming by fantastic thrift stores is easier said then done, and not all online vintage shops offer the same pricing points...

So I get to try and make my own "vintage" clothes!

Wish me luck!

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