Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pillow and a Doll

Today we went to a birthday party for a little girl my boys play with. I decided it would be fun to do up a pillow for her with her name on it and one of my dolls. I was thrilled with the result!
I had a great time making the pillow. It turned out a bit larger then I had expected, but I wanted the letters huge so it only makes sense the pillow would also be a bit larger!
I printed out her name using a font I liked in a ginormous size (350) and cut it out.
I don't really applique the right way... but I like my way so I stick with it! I cut out each letter in interfacing and then ironed on the fabric, then I cut out the letters just inside the interfacing borders. In my mind, this helps the fabric from fraying... and I find it makes it a bit sturdier when sewing...
I stitched them onto the fabric for the pillow using a zigzag stitch.
I measured around the finished top panel for the pillow and cut out a strip of fabric about 8-10" longer and about 4 1/2" wide. I sewed the ends together, making a big circle, folded it in half (long side to long side, making a long circle about 2 1/4" wide) and pressed it. I opted to baste it to the front panel of the pillow because I was worried about shifting when I positioned the back piece on.
After I basted the fringe, I plopped the back panel of fabric on and sewed it together leaving a space open in the bottom to flip it right side out and fill with stuffing. Once right side out, I ironed it and then stuffed it, closing with a ladder stitch.
I couldn't be happier!!

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