Friday, May 6, 2011

Mom Shirt, Silk Screening Method 1

Mother's day is coming up and I really wanted my boys to have an "I love mom" type of shirt.

I found a bunch online but most were homemade looking and I had all the stuff here so I just couldn't justify spending the extra money to have someone else make it.
Would you like to make one too?? It's a pretty simple process requiring few supplies so I thought I'd share.
This is one technique for silkscreening. Not the one I typically use, but it worked out really well!
You'll need a printed picture of the image you'd like to use
A Screen to push the paint though (to make one build a square frame out of wood and stretch some meshy/silk material over it, I often use old lingerie, might as well put it to use!)
Clothing to print on
Paint brush
Cut out your image(s) from the paper and tape your starting point back together so the only holes in the page are just of your image.
Lay your stensil on the clothing and put the screen over top. Squeeze your paint in a thick line above your image on the screen.
Using a stiff tool (I use a piece of cardboard, but a ruler also works really well) drag the paint over your image. Go over as many times as you'd like to feel you have good paint coverage.
Lift the screen and stensil off the shirt lifting from one side of the screen to the other (side to side or bottom to top... etc) instead of straight up, it just makes it easier.
Wash off the screen (depending on how much paint you push through you may also need to wash the stensil off the back or your screen... sometimes it gets stuck), let it dry and then repeat the process with your 2nd stensil.
As a final touch grab a paint brush and write mom inside the banner... or dad... or whatever else you'd like... I wrote it in pencil first as I'm horrible with a paint brush.
And voila! An awesome shirt celebrating... YOU! or someone you love...

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Savannah Montgomery said...

I didn't know silk screening could be so easy. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks! Happy Mothers Day!