Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silk Screening Method 2

Last week I shared one method for silk screening and thought this week I would show another.
Although this technique is also simple it does require a special screen filler used for silk screening that you should be able to find in most crafting supply stores.

You'll need:
Screen Filler
Paint Brush
A Screen to push the paint though (to make one build a square frame out of wood and cover it with a meshy/silk material)
Clothing or Object to print on
Stiff tool to push paint through the screen
Using the pencil draw a sketch of what you would like to print onto the screen.
Using the screen filler, paint around your drawing (being careful not to paint over the pencil lines). Let the screen filler dry. Once it's dry hold your screen up to the light and see if there are any little holes or missed areas showing light through. If there are (and there probably will be) just give that area another coat with the filler and allow to dry once again.

Once the screen is dry you can now print with it!
To print follow the same process as before.

Lay your screen on top of the item you are printing on and squeeze your paint in a thick line above your image.
Using a stiff tool (I use a piece of cardboard) drag the paint over your image, going over as many times you feel is needed in order to get your desired paint coverage.
Lift the screen off the item being printed from side to side or top to bottom instead of lifting straight up, it's just easier that way. If you see areas that need to be painted (because you accidentally screwed up when you were using the screen
filler) just grab a stiff paint brush and paint the areas by tapping the paint brush on the material instead of dragging it. Tapping it will give the same finish as the printing and it will not be a noticeable correction.

Wash the paint off your screen (the screen filler will remain so you can use your new stencil again!) and allow the paint to dry on your item.

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