Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Granola Bars

When Zac started school this year I decided I was going to be one of those perfect mother's that sent her baby with homemade treats and sweet notes telling him to have a wonderful time or that I loved him, or something of equal embarrassment...
The notes were quickly abandoned when I came to my senses and remembered that he can't read yet... but the homemade snacks, that was something I could do. And I will say... I did a remarkable job the first week, then I had Charlotte and realized that he didn't care if the goodies were homemade or store bought... quite honestly he doesn't eat them at school anyways.

During the summer, knowing my hopes for homemade goodness in the lunch box, I searched for a wonderful granola bar recipe (have you seen all the unnatural junk in store bought granola bars??) and I found one here. I rarely put coconut in it, as called for, though opting to use 1/2 cup of anything else... dried cranberries, chopped dried apricots...
They are Super Good!! If I'm telling the truth, I've eaten more of these then I've actually sent with Zac... yummers!

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