Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Back

I feel as though I owe you all some sort of explanation for my absence of late...
I wish I had a big detailed and elegant reason, but straight up, life got busy and I needed to drop something and this here blog was the easiest thing to step away from for a week or so.

(it's raining today...)

We had a conditional sale on our house and it was supposed to be closing at the beginning of the month, unfortunately the buyer was unable to meet one of the conditions so the sale fell through. During the time of "have we sold, have we not" limbo our planning selves got the best of us and we had so many things we were trying to figure out. As everything stands now we are expecting to be here until at least the end of September (hopefully we will sell by then!). I will have another Newfoundlander baby, the boys will be able to welcome her into the home they are used to and Zac will start school here, with the friends and teacher's he knows. While this wasn't our first choice for our final plan it is proving to be the best option of all our plans and we are confident that everything has worked out the way it should.

I have been busy preparing for Zac to start school (early I know, but to do it right before or right after having a baby seems a bit like borrowed stress), I have unpacked and organized most of the baby things we have, we've made a plan to move the boys into a room together if we are still here by the time the bean will move into a room of her own and I have started crafting again. While we were in limbo I went on a bit of a dry spell with crafting in an effort to keep the house clean and not get a project started that I would have to put down in order to move. I've decided this mentality was silly and have since been crafting like crazy.

So there you have it. We had a bit of excitement for a time but now life is back to our normal!


Anonymous said...

First off, glad you are back! L was saying the other day, "man, I wish Lisa would update her blog!" :)
Second, I just had a big sigh of relief--I was feeling SO stressed for you guys for the next couple months, but it seems things may be smooth sailing for the next little while, and you can relax and get ready for little girly to make her arrival in your OWN home!
Love K

Anonymous said...

I really only look at the blog for pictures of your cute little boys....

Miss you guys (and soon to be girls)!!!!

Uncle L