Friday, April 20, 2012

Cook Books

I have a love for cook books. 
I read them cover to cover, almost like novels, and have a sizable collection.
I thought I'd share some of my current favourites incase you have been feeling the need to expand your current collection...
... and I totally broke them down into catagories... perhaps this shows how freaky I can be about my books... thaaat or it just makes me look super crazy organized... you can decide...

Bloggy Love
Pioneer Woman (books 1 and 2) and Joy The Baker (blog here) are two of my favourite ladies on the web, the fact that they have both authored books, makes my life a very happy place.

Seasonal Reads
 Nigella Christmas by the lovely Nigella Lawson is so... Christmas-y! I read it at the beginning of every December just to help me get in the spirit. Her mint hot chocolate is everything right with the world.
Twelve by Tessa Kiros is all about cooking using seasonal ingredients, which is something I really need to try and do more of!

For the kiddies
 Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey is a delicious book, when Jill O'Connor wrote another book, by the same title adding Treats for Kids, I could not look the other way. Most, if not all, the recipes in this book are easy enough to be made with little helping hands, and once your kids are older then mine, easily completed with little supervision.
First Meals by Annabel Karmel is a great resource book for what your kids should be enjoying at each stage in life up to preschool, it also provides great recipes and meal plans. Love it.

Baking Goodness
 Chocolate Chocolate by Lisa Yockelson is a yummy book... and oh so pretty.
The Complete Canadian Living Baking Book is alway a go to for me. The recipes are delicious and easy and are always made using ingredients that are easy peasy to find.

Sometimes I like to just look at books to see the pictures and be inspired. It's even better when the books have great recipes, which both of these do.
At Home with Magnolia by Allysa Torey is delicious and beautiful and the same could be said for Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. I look at both of these books all the time to be inspired creatively, decoratively and foodly.

I will be honest, I do not have a lot of "health" books. I am careful with what I eat, most of the time, but my passion in the kitchen is not usually for anything steamed, green or poached. 
That said both of these books (Now Eat This Diet, by Rocco Dispirito and So Easy by Elle Keiger) have great recipes in them and I have turned to both on many occasions very please with my results.

That's just to name a few of course... 

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