Friday, April 13, 2012


I think somedays it's just better to stay in bed. 
The last two days have been those kinds of days around here. 
Both boys and I have cut ourselves, nothing too bad, but Eli is walking around guarding his hand like a wounded animal... it's very sad. 
I accidentally put a (clean) pull up through the wash, which exploded it's overly saturated contents all over the inside of the machine, and the clothes. And I topped it all off yesterday morning by falling in the shower. While it was a heart stopping moment that ended up with a few hours spent in the emergency room checking out the baby, all appears to be good and aside from being banged up and sore I'm also fine.
That said, today will be an easy day complete with comforts and cuddles.
This is probably my most favourite cookie recipe of all time. You should try it, it helps even the worst days appear so much better... 
not that I'm an emotional eater...

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