Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life Right Now

Right now I am...

Loving that Eli calls Zac, Zachary (Zak-a-wee) despite the fact that no one else does.
Trying to pack things away for either storage or donation to help the house show better... it's not progressing well...
Hopeful that we will sell the house quickly and with minimal stress.
Stocking up on craft supplies.
Working on more projects then I should be.
Inspired by everything. My mind is buzzing so fast these days I can hardly keep up.
Dreaming of going away for a craft weekend, or perhaps organizing my own.
Struggling with taking one day at a time, not getting ahead of myself and trying not to become too overwhelmed.
Obsessed with Downton Abbey, such a wonderfully cozy show.

What are you up to?

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