Tuesday, August 28, 2012

14 days to go

It's official, only two weeks left until I am holding this little one in my arms instead of my belly.

(probably my least favourite picture ever taken of myself, with horrible lighting, but it does show the belly and my "grandness" quite well...)

All in all, I am feeling a little larger then life right now and I am so very ready to be done with this pregnancy. Growing up my mom always said that pregnancy is 9 months long because by the end of it you don't care what you have to go through to finally be done. I would agree with this thought with all of my being at this point.

Due to some complications with Zac's birth Eli was a planned c-section and because of the previous section my dr has voiced his preference to section me for this little darling as well. I can honestly say I am more nervous about this surgery then I was for Eli's but love that we have a date that we can pretty much rely on. So only 14 more days of being a family of 4, and a mommy of 2, September 11 - here we come!

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