Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Boys

Do you ever wander through your photos on the computer and find some wonderful gems you simply can't remember taking, or possibly seeing?
I did that just the other day and found two of my current most favourite pictures of my boys.

Zac is preparing to start school in a few short weeks and I really can't accept the idea... he still seems like such a sweet little boy to me that it melts my heart thinking of releasing him to the world.

While Eli is, quite frankly, a challenge. If it weren't for his chubby little cheeks and hilarious sayings I can honestly say this kid would drive me loopy.

I can't help but look at my two sweet boys and wonder what this little bean will look like when she comes out. The time is nearing and we are getting so excited to see her little face and count all her perfect fingers and toes!

A jumble of words for your Thursday reading but what can I say... my head is a jumble of thoughts...

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Kaylee said...

Oh my sweet boys! SO looking forward to seeing you both, you've grown so much in a year!!