Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bible Reading

For the past few years I have had a reoccurring goal every January... to actually read my bible cover to cover over a 365 day time frame.

I have yet to complete this goal.
In my humble opinion reading, understanding and walking away enlightened from your bible does not come easy to all, which is why when I stumbled upon this post over on Urban Nester I was so excited.
I can't wait to start putting some of Molly's suggestions into practice.
Do you read a bible? How do you absorb something that you may not find easy to absorb?


Anonymous said...

One set of bible studies that I particularly love is by William Barclay. The New Daily Bible studies take each of the gospels and break them down into what is happening and explain them so you get a deeper understanding. You can start with one gospel and read more if you like them. You can find them on

Lisa said...

awesome!! thanks for the suggestion!