Thursday, August 16, 2012

He's Back!

Well, my mister has officially returned from his time away and we all survived.
It was not especially graceful, I will admit to that. I lost my temper more then I usually do. I lost more sleep then I usually do. I caved and allowed more TV then I usually do... but all in all, we made it. Funny that I have never found the idea of single parenting a daunting task before however lop in an 8 month pregnant belly and all that goes with that and I become a bit of a whiney baby.
We are spending the day together as a family letting the boys get their fill of daddy loving and then I am going to bed for the rest of the weekend!

(yes, yes, I confess, this picture is a year old. Apparently I don't take many pictures of the three of them together... or nice ones of my mister for that matter... look how teeny tiny Zac's little butt is though! ah! I could eat it up!)

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