Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Knit Giraffe

Do you ever complete a project that you're super proud or excited about?
The kind of project that makes you beam with pride and then send everyone you know pictures of said project? And then post them on your facebook because you're just not sure everyone has seen your super awesome project yet?
I just did one of those projects...
A friends is having a baby and I wanted to make her something... I wanted to knit her something!
And I totally did!
What makes this project so wonderfully exciting you ask? Well, I had to use not two, no not even three but four needles at a time!
That's right, this project required the use of 4 double pointed needles (or "DPN's" for us cool kids "in the know") and I did it!!
I'm suuuuuper pumped with how it turned out, I can't wait to do another.

The "Not So Itty Bitty Giraffe" pattern can be found in this book.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable! Awesome job!