Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Quick Holiday Review...

It's so hard to believe that the holidays are all over.
Ours were such a muddle of activity, sickness and travel that they feel as though they never actually happened!!
And worst of all?? I forgot to take practically any pictures!! 

We traveled to Ontario December 15 and stayed until the 29th so we could spend the first Christmas with family since our move in 2008. 
It would have been such a great and exciting trip if it weren't for a boat load of sickness that ran through the  4 of us!

We started our travels the night of the 28th... Zac had been coughing with a little bit of a runny nose most of the day but I thought nothing of it, that night when we arrived at the hotel he had a crazy high fever and the chills. I was prepared to cancel the trip right then and there but in the morning he seemed fine and the fever had broke so we headed to the air port. 
We arrived safe and sound at my mister's childhood home in time for dinner Thursday night.
Come Saturday Eli had a nasty wad of green gunk in his eye most of the morning that we could not get to stay away. My mother in law mentioned it looked a bit like pink eye and since the gunk was getting sooo nasty looking (said with a mother's love of course!) we took him to the dr's. By the time we got in to see her, his eye had almost swollen shut... luckily the drops that we were given for him worked in no time!
seriously though... pink eye, eye gunk is like one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen... and I've seen a lot...

Zac continued to fight a fever on and off and finally we decided he needed to see a dr as well. He had strep throat and an ear infection. A few days later I was on meds for strep and a few days after that my mister was also on pills for a "throat infection". 

We really did have a great time with family, don't get me wrong, 
but I will say our Christmas lacked a little of the "magic" it usually does. 

We were home safe and sound and able to welcome the new year in, in our own home, feeling only slightly less then our usual selves. 

How were your holidays??

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