Tuesday, March 6, 2012

365 Day Project

At the beginning of every year people tend to set goals... it's a pretty well known ritual...
The last few years I have noticed that the blog world always seems to go a bit wild at the beginning of January declaring projects to be completed daily over the following year; it's often called a "365 Day Project". 
(my favourite one can be found here)
I don't often follow the crowd with too many things, but I have been itching to get on board with a project for awhile now.
The trouble I was having though, is what do I want to commit to doing for 365 days that I wouldn't grow to hate by about day 54...
So instead of doing a 365 day project I'm doing a 12 month project.
I've decided that this year (I'm still going to try and complete my little project by December 31, 2012) my 12 month project is to...
dum dum DUUUMMM!!
complete 12 blankets.
I'm not limiting myself to sewing them or knitting them or crocheting them... just to make a blanket a month.
Hurray!! I feel like I have something to focus on now, and it's always nice to have something already planned when those creative ruts come a calling.

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