Monday, March 19, 2012

Musical Monday: Meaghan Smith - Heartbroken

My mister is away for the next little bit which means life is about to become a little more chaotic then usual.
That said, I am completely embracing it!
It seems an odd thing to admit but I am always super productive whenever I have the house to myself in the evenings so I am pumped to knock out my to do list over the next week or so.

Although my mister and I agree on a lot of music I'm afraid he's just not that into some of my favourites.
I think I have officially converted him over to the Zooey Deschanel fan club but Meaghan Smith is taking a bit more time...
This CD will be on repeat for the next week and I'm super excited to dance around my kitchen with my boys (because Zac LOVES this style of music!).

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