Thursday, March 22, 2012


The last few days have been horribly gloomy making most of my pictures dark with a blue-ish hue.
That said, I've been dying to get out all of my new fabric and take pictures so I could brag show you everything!

So, there's no point hiding the fact that buying all this fabric made me slightly light headed and embarrassingly giddy!
Although I didn't buy anything with the intention of waiting until after our move to use it, I'm thinking the reality is it will go in a box/bin shortly and make a reappearance once everything is settling in our new home.
It will be like Christmas morning!! and what gift is better then a load of fabric? 
ummm... nothing... I honestly can not think of a single thing at this moment. 
I wish you could touch those polka dot fabrics. They are so soft and dreamy. I fully intend to go back and get more of a different colour. Maybe I'll make a dress. A polka dot dress! Can you think of anything more fantastic? 

My fabric store (yep, it's mine now) sells quilt kits. This one was sitting up on a top shelf and almost went unnoticed, but once I saw it and took it down I had to buy it. The fabric is an adorable little bug pattern and it came in this cute little case! Truth be told, I would have thought about it more if it wasn't packaged in the case. I was sold when she told me it came with the case.

I do have baby on the brain right now too so I bought this great little panel with all kind of animals on it with the plans to make it for our new little bean (hopefully before it arrives!). Since I was there it only made sense to also buy the coordinating fabric for the back and binding...

and lastly I got 2 fun fabric books to make for the future little one as well. I've never made one before but have really wanted to. I'm super picky though and haven't wanted to buy one that was just pictures (if I'm going to the effort to make a book, I want some bookish features... like words... I know I know, I'm such a snob!)  have you ever made one? My sister in law's mother made my nephew one and even made it crinkly! as soon as I figure out how she did it, I will let you know (as I'm sure you're loosing the same amount of sleep over it as I am!)
And that's that.
Just looking at those pictures make me sigh. 
And then want to get my scissors and cut into it all!

In other news I am surviving my time alone with the boys quite wonderfully!
The boys have been great, I have had energy and we've all been doing our part to make life good while daddy's away (we even got Eli going on the potty!! but shhh, don't say that too loud or the roof might fall on my head!).

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