Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces

A few more pictures then usual this go-around but I just couldn't decide! I feel like this last week has been super eventful and I wanted to share it all... 

one. 14 week baby bump! not much has changed since my 9 week picture, except my belly is much harder... it's nice to feel a nice firm pregnant belly instead of a squishy bloated looking one!
two + three. working on "school" work. Learning our colors and doing letter crafts.
 four. We are officially a diaper free household for the next few months! It's been a while for us waiting for Eli to decide it was time (he's been ready... just stubborn) to start going on the potty and it finally happened! only a few accidents, one can be blamed on me, and all seems well! woo-hoo!
five. I will confess to letting the boys watch more TV then usual. I try to stick to about 2 hours a day (an hour in the morning and then an hour or so in the afternoon/evening, excluding their bedtime 20 minutes), just because they often need the down/quiet time but this week I'm afraid mommy needed a little more down/quiet time then usual.
six + seven. I absolutely adore watching Eli do crafts. He is so serious and deliberate with his colors, which is such a change from his almost care free ways of playing. I could watch him craft for hours just to see his little lips pout and brow furrow in concentration. We made masks with plates, both boys were very proud of their end results.
eight. rawr!
nine. Robin the Boy Wonder, and Heaven help you if you call him anything else.
ten. Making muffins! mmm... and they were super good...
eleven. I could count on one hand the number of times this has happened in the past 6 months. He fell asleep right after bath while I was getting his bedtime snack ready. 
twelve. How I wind down after a full day of mommy-ing.


Anonymous said...

The post makes me happy!
I want to hug you and your belly.
I want to hug your boys.
Let me know how that book is!

Anonymous said...

Robin the boy wonder is growing up too fast...and also not wearing pants?
Uncle L

Lisa said...

Robin the boy Wonder doesn't wear pants, we've spent months trying to convincing them that he wears really tight pants called leotards but they still don't believe us...