Friday, February 25, 2011

Craft Hope

I bought this book a few days ago.

I didn't look through it as thoroughly as I do most books, but I decided that it was a must have. It's filled with loads of craft ideas and had this little green sticker on the front saying "$1 from the sale of this book will be donated to Global Impact" which made me feel a certain justification in buying the book.

When I sat down to finally read the introduction to the book and all the projects, I was thrilled with my somewhat carelessness in purchasing the book.

You see Craft Hope is an organization that encourages crafters to help others by creating goods and packaging/sending them on to those that may need some help. The first project Craft Hope undertook was pillowcase dresses that were sent to a children's shelter in Mexico. The second project was soft cloth dolls for an orphanage in Nicaragua.

I had troubles getting through the introduction to the book without bursting into tears as I was so moved and inspired by Jade Sims and was simply itching to get involved!

I love the idea that I can get the boys involved with this as well! Although they may be too young to actually sew or make some of the items, they can help me package them and assemble kits and learn the compassion involved/needed when helping others.

I really want to encourage each of you to pop on over to the Craft Hope site and snoop around a bit and see if there is anything you could do to become involved as well. Even if you're not a crafty person, try teaming up with someone who might be able to teach you or take over the crafty part of the project (you could stuff bean bags that your crafty partner has sewn, or you could find all the supplies needed for a birthing kit, while your crafty partner makes the bag to put them in along with a stuffed animal and blanket), or money donations are always appreciated by the groups featured for each project.

I am so excited to get involved in all the Craft Hope projects going forward and possibly doing up some of the projects that have already passed current status on the site.
I feel it's so important to remember that we can all do our part to help others and that living in the places we do, we should almost feel obligated to help those that need it most. So even if Craft Hope is not something you're especially interested in, I challenge you to make the world a better place this coming week somehow! and if you're up for it, leave a comment telling me how.

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

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