Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Goodie Bags

My boys attend a music class every Saturday morning.
It's more of an introduction to music really... teaching kids the basics of rhythm and keeping time and encouraging them to enjoy music.

It's fun and they always look forward to it!

Every holiday the parents always put together little goodie bags for the kids and I always forget.
I mean always forget.

I sit there with my boys encouraging them to be polite and thank everyone that hands each of them a bag full of goodness (that's right, I collect 2 while giving none... I'm horrible, I know!).

This Valentines Day though, I am prepared!
I can walk in this Saturday morning with my head held high and a huge smile on my face as my boys hand out their goodies!
What's even better is I was able to get everything for our bags for about $4 per bag.
The dollar store is seriously my favourite place these days!

Each bag includes, a note pad for drawing, a pencil with a valentiny eraser, a candy bracelet, candy hearts and a little tub of playdough.
I put everything in a cute little bag and tied it all off with some red ribbon!
Now to just remember to bring these babies on Saturday...

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