Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zac's Boo-Boo's

This little man is pretty accident prone.
It stresses me.
See that little mark under the left side of his mouth? He was outside with his daddy, doing manly things in the garage, slipped when leaving the garage and fell on his face. Thank goodness the outside was only a tiny scrape! Inside however was a bit of a mess. He had a big gash running from his lip, just inside all the way down to the base of his gum line. It's healing quickly though, but still not nice.

Today he was playing on the kitchen floor and we noticed blood on the floor. Looking at Zac's feet, he somehow managed to take a chunk out of his middle toe, just under the nail...
Thank goodness for bandaids!
They fix things almost as good as a hug and hold from mommy!!

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