Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last Minute Valentine Ideas

I had such hopes this week for Valentine crafting, but as you can see it was primarily filled with Valentine eating...
I find my mind tends to run a bit with ideas but I don't always put them into play as my boys just don't get the same enjoyment of wearing heart shaped things as a little girl might...
So since I didn't manage to complete any of my Valentine crafting ideas I thought I'd share a couple links to some other blogs I follow that had some fun ideas...

I love the Purl Soho blog. I dream of the day I will finally be able to set foot in that store!
"Molly's Sketchbook" 's posts are always super exciting to me as they are filled with such fun and easy ideas!
Click here to see a cute felt heart barrette tutorial.

Honey Bear Lane is a blog I follow mostly through e-mail updates, but went straight over to her little corner of the web when I saw her "How to Sew Your Valentines" post. I can't wait to use some of her ideas for next year.

Lastly Strumpet's Crumpets is a new blog to me, but Becky makes me giggle so I've been keeping an eye on her ramblings. She posted this the other day and I was so disappointed that I had already packaged up the boys Music class goodie bags (follow the link in her post to find the toppers on her blog). These are also something I am going to try my hardest not to forget about next year!!

So although I failed in providing fun crafting ideas from my home, I'm hoping you might find some enjoyment in the ones I've included above!

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