Monday, August 15, 2011


I like to consider myself a crafty person... that said I have no illusions in thinking I am awesome at crafting.
You see, I have my limitations in what my brain can come up with as far as supplies are considered. Which tends to limit me a bit creatively.
A plastic bottle is pretty much always a plastic bottle to me... pop cans once served a purpose but once empty I have very little use for them. I tend to like to start with a blank canvas, if you will, so a yard of fabric has endless possibilities for me, but if it's a preexisting object I have a hard time seeing it as anything but it's original use.
It really amazes me to see the things people come up with using recycled objects and I'm discovering most of the options are limitless!

While staying with my parents I purchased this pattern for a cardboard kitchen that I loved!! My dad put it together for my boys and it worked out great.
We had some troubles with the door for the oven, as it kept falling off, but the boys knew no difference and still played with it a tone, more then I think my dad even knows!

My brother is a pretty environmentally concious guy and while visiting him I was absolutely in love with some cardboard furniture they had!
It has since been pointed out that cardboard may not be the most practical material to build a night stand with ("what happens if it gets wet?") but I still love it.

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