Friday, August 19, 2011

Date Day

While on vacation, in Ontario, the hubbs and I managed to get away for an entire day... all on our own!
It's kind of an annual thing for us... one date a year... no pressure but it has to be awesome!!


Our first stop was to the little village of Westport. There was a delicious bakery there and we stocked up for a day of no whining, runny noses or sticky fingers. It was fantastic.
After Westport we headed to a village just outside of Ottawa called Perth. It's really cute and was the best time. We ate lunch at this fantastic mexican restaurant right beside the water.
After we finished eating the hubbs surprised me by taking me up to a huge fabric store and letting me take my time and spend all kinds of money! It was fantastic, he didn't pester me at all with his boredom!

We wandered around the village for a while and then discovered a beautiful park hidden behind the main street. It was so quiet and peaceful. We sat under a tree facing a little creek that ran through the park. It was just so lovely!
There may have been some kissing... hey! once a year people, it's allowed!

We were home by dinner to two little boys that seemed extra adorable after a full day away.
We're already making plans for next year!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun day! I want that strawberry tart!
Love you guys!