Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fleece Blanket

I am an Auntie to 7 fantastic kids.
After my first niece and nephew were born I made them blankets, not realizing the commitment I would feel to make each one of the kids blankets going forward. That said, the blankets I made were not at all hard so I haven't found it too daunting a task to make more. Thank heaven I didn't make quilts! sheesh!
Any-hoo since the blankets are super easy I thought I'd share a little how to...
You'll need:
2 types of fleece (I get 1 meter each... just cuz I like them big... think nursing mommy up at midnight, I wanted them to be able to be big enough for mommy to snuggle up with too)
Cardboard Tab (optional)
Lay your fleece flat, right sides facing, pin and stitch along one short end (the top). Trim, so it lays nicely when flipped so right sides are facing out.
With right sides facing out snip into the fabric along the two long sides and remaining short side. I'm crazy about making the tabs all the same size so I always make a little cardboard guide, roughly 1"x 3". I also pin the materials together so there is no shifting during the next step.
Tie knots into the fleece using the front and back pieces of the tabs you just cut.
Easy-easy, super cozy and always appreciated!

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Allison Nicole said...

I make these blankets too! So easy to do!