Thursday, August 18, 2011

Final Wedding Words

I don't have too much left to say about my brother in laws wedding, I feel like I've already shared a bunch, but wanted to show some final pictures of everything.
As mentioned here I made cookies as the place markers and favours for each guest.
It was a boat load of work, consisting of about 3 days of baking and decorating 210 (or so) cookies.
Once they were all written and ready to go, I put 2 cookies (one plaque with the guests name and one heart with the happy couple's initials) into a cellophane bag and topped it with a thank you note from the couple.
To make the topper tag, we purchased some scrapbook paper in their colour and printed a note on envelope labels, then used the same method I used here to finalize the packaging.
It turned out really nice and all the guests seemed pretty impressed. I think they looked really professional once everything was completed.

And who can forget about the cake! Let me just say, making a wedding cake in some one elses kitchen while all kinds of family floats around you is no easy task. I think I did pretty well, but I will not lie, there were some moments I wanted to pull my hair out. That said, I think everyone around me felt the same way.
It turned out pretty well and although I still see some issues with it I was generally happy in the end. Could have better, but it also could have been so much worse. I kept reminding myself that it has been over a year since I last made a wedding cake, so all in all, I gave myself a high five.

The boys wore their ties, mentioned here, and looked to handsome for words.
Eli was a bit of a challenge getting into his suit but, provided you didn't bring any attention to it by mentioning how handsome he was, kept it on all day. By dinner, he wouldn't let you touch his tie out of fear you would take it off.

It was a beautiful day and the couple could not have been happier!
Congrats guys!! Married life is awesome!

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Allison Nicole said...

Great job on the cookies & cake! LOVE that color blue!!