Friday, February 3, 2012

Dinosaur Quilt

I finished a quilt!!
I started making it probably a year ago and just recently decided to cut it down from Twin bed size to lap size and I am so glad I made that decision.
Eli is not a comfort item kind of guy. He doesn't need any stuffies to sleep with, had no interest in a soother, doesn't need the same blanket every night... he's pretty laid back.
So watching him tote this blanket around with him everywhere is melting my heart. 
This morning both boys crawled under it and matched all their toy dino's to the ones in the pictures.

 There's nothing more gratifying then seeing something you made, loved!

The dinosaur scene in the middle of the quilt is a flannel panel. I cut long rectangles of co-ordinating fabric and quilted the fabrics surrounding the panel. The back is also covered with a flannel and if you can get past the horrible binding job it's nice and cozy warm!!

Now on to Zac's superhero quilt... hopefully this one will take a little less time to complete!

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