Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coffee Date

If you were to come over for a coffee date my house would be a mess.
We would sit in the living room so I could watch the boys while we visited.
Zac and Eli would dress up as superheros and ask you to be a bad guy.
I would tell you that seeing Zac carry the stress of our move on his little shoulders is killing me and that I wish I could figure out how to calm him.
I would tell you that I worry about Eli. I would say he is so stubborn and strong willed that I am at a loss on how to discipline him. I would confess that he makes me question my ability as a mother all.the.time. and that I worry about how he will be as a teenager.
I would ask you how you are doing and would offer you a snack.
I would tell you that I am finding this pregnancy so much harder then my previous two, but then I would remind myself of all the tears shed and prayers voiced for this little bean and express how grateful I am to be expanding our family once again. Then I would probably cry a little bit and apologize, embarrassed by my inability to control my emotions.
I would walk you through the house and ask your opinions on the new paint colours and furniture placements.
I would ask if you had any suggestions that may improve our chances of selling fast.
I would tell you how excited I am to start fresh in a new town. I would say how frustrating I find it when people question why we would be willing to make this move. I would tell you how sad it makes me feel to know some of our friends and family do not support our decision. I would say the experience to live so far North isn't for everyone but that our little family is going to make the best of it and hopefully have the best time.
I would get butterflies in my stomach and state that I'm not sure I can handle Zac starting school.
I would ask your opinion on homeschooling.
I would show you my current knitting project and possibly the fabrics for my next quilt.
I would ask what you were making for dinner and then check to see if I had the stuff to do the same.
I would walk you to the door and sit on the stair while you got on your coat.
I would ask what book you are reading.
I would consider, out loud, taking the boys out to play and ask if you found it cold before you came in.
I would ask your plans for the rest of the day and then I would thank you for coming and say we should do this again soon.
Zac would be sad to see you go and refuse to say good-bye. Eli would wave and ask me for juice and a snack.


Anonymous said...

I want it to be me on the other end of this conversation and coffee date--I miss you tons!
Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

I would remind you that you are a great mother as evidenced by your concern for your chidren and there future and welfare. I would also say that none of us are perfect but we know someone who is and all we can do is rely on his guidance and love and do the best we know how and allow him to do the rest. Miss you bunches and look forward to April

Valerie Ann Thornhill said...

===Ah much going on in your life right now. Try not to fret darlin'....from what little I know of you and Kevin, you are awesome parents, and your love for each other is not hidden in the least.
Children will adapt quickly when they are young...even when older. Especially when they grow up in a "What? Move again?" family. ( I know...we were that kind of family too).
I did not know about baby #3.....when is he/she due to arrive?
Regards to Kevin, and both of you....KEEP LOOKING UP!!

Northern Girl said...

Lisa, you are a wonderful mom and your kids will do fine wherever they are. Their the spirited kids that have creatively and love in their hearts. The north is scary and not for everyone, but if I can adapt so will your family. Your coffee date sounds wonderful! I too wish to be on the other end of it! Sam