Monday, February 20, 2012

Musical Monday: Blabla video

I am loving stop motion pictures/videos these days.
I only wish I were so technoligically inclined to know how to make my own.
But then it's probably better that I don't know how because think of all the time I would waste making them!!

In addition to my love for these videos I have long since had an adoration for BlaBlaKids and their products.
I have eyed them since before Zac came into our lives and I think this year I am finally going to narrow down some favourite stuffies and buyfor each of the kiddies in our house.

When I found this stop motion video on YouTube from BlaBlaKids it was instant love, so I had to share.
It's not a "song" for my musical monday, but there is music in the video... and it's my thing, so I decided you could forgive me!

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