Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gift Exchange

A few weeks ago the lovely Ms. Casey hosted a bit of a blogging party gift exchange.
I signed up and was randomly paired up with another blogger to exchange a small package we would each assemble for the other.
The idea was to have the package received by your partner by January 31st.

I was paired up with Jessica from Oh So Antsy and had a really great time getting to know her through some e-mails while I tried to figure out what to gift her.
Unfortunately neither of our packages arrived by the "deadline" but we knew that going in as our locations were so far from eachother (she's in Texas while I'm in Newfoundland), the deadline just wasn't realistic in our case.
Yesterday I opened up Jessica's package and was so excited with what I found.
she gave me two lovely balls of a purply yarn, 
 a bunch of different teas to try, along with steeping instructions
and this amazing hand cut Canada necklace.
Jessica has a shop selling necklaces like the above and I'm not going to lie and say I didn't have my fingers crossed that she would make me one.

It really was a fun experience and came at just the right time.
Nothing like receiving a package of goodies in the mail to brighten your day!
Thanks so much Jessica! everything was awesome!  

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