Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Friendship Quilt

Way back (I'm assuming it's still way back and lost its popularity, at least) women used to get together and make what were called "friendship quilts" for a new mother to be or a bride to be. Each lady would be responsible for one square and they would sign/embroider their name into their block as a way of showing the mother/bride to be their support and how loved she was.

I love the idea of giving quilts as a symbol of our support and love for people. I can't think of anything cozier then cuddling up in a quilt knowing that someone made it while thinking of you specifically.

I've said before that my mister's job will cause us to move a lot during his career and while this can be super fun and exciting it can also be incredibly hard and lonely. A close friend of mine recently made a move and I wanted her to know that I am always thinking of her. I made her my version of a friendship quilt to snuggle up with whenever she felt lonely or just needed a hug that I wasn't there to give.
I didn't embroider my name on a square (or each square for that matter) but I decided to stick with pieced together squares for the pattern.

I backed it with a flannel and tossed some small tassels in every other square.
I actually love this quilt and was super pleased with how it turned out!

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing my friend :) I am blessed to have you in my life,
Lots of Love,