Friday, June 8, 2012

Week in Review

This week has been what I would call, insane!
My mister is back on shift work (which always results in me never knowing what day it is), Zac had a cavity filled (talk about making me feel like the worst parent ever), which involved happy juice medicine and a gas mask, Eli was taken to the emergency room because his eye swelled completely shut (turned out to be an allergic reaction to a bug bite). We had house showings, one complete with a bunch of what I would consider bizaro questions, I got packages in the mail that I have been anxiously waiting for, the boys played on a bouncy castle and loved their friends and I had a few hormonally driven melt downs.
A crazy week, but a good week none the less.
My mister is playing in a ball tournament this weekend and we have a good friend coming for the night on Sunday which leads me to believe the crazy times are currently on going at the moment.
I am so craftily inspired these days that I am also hoping to hunker down and create like crazy over the next few days! 
I have to say keeping this house clean while I'm this inspired is proving to be impossible. I can't create and stay clean at the same time... it's just not in my make up!
I hope you have a fantastic weekend, I know ours is going to be awesome!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you think of me as a good friend..... Can't wait to see my little....wait, not so little anymore, guys!!!!

Uncle L