Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It's been 7 weeks since our family went from 4 to 5 and I can honestly say it's been an adjustment.
Having the boys 17 months apart, while sounding daunting, was a relatively easy transition. Diaper changes just went from 1 bum to 2. Nursing schedules could be adjusted to match snack and nap times already happening. Napping schedules could be adjusted so two babies slept at the same time. While it seemed difficult in theory we really didn't have a hard time in actuality.
Introducing another baby 3 years later has proven to be a bit harder of an adjustment. Zac has taken well but Eli has had troubles understanding the new demands having a baby around causes and sharing my time.
I tend to be hard on myself and expect perfection a lot. So struggling to find our stride has been a challenge for me as I really thought it would come quickly and naturally as it did with Eli.
Charlotte is a good baby. She doesn't cry very often, unless she needs something (or between 6pm-12am... she's become a bit colicy this past week...), and she sleeps well through all the crazy noises her brothers make. She smiles lots, isn't much of a talker but cuddles better then any stuffy I've ever held.
I'm hoping that we figure things out soon and can get a bit of a rhythm to our lives back but I am not wishing this chaotic time away. I know in 20 years when all my babies are off living theirs lives I'll wish for this time back.
In other news, we have taken the house off the market and the transfer we were looking forward to has been cancelled. The cancelation didn't come as much of a surprise to be honest so while disappointing it was not shocking. For now we get to focus on our 3 kiddies and loving on them while renovating the house so, fingers crossed, we can have a quick sell next spring/summer.

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