Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Silence with a Flashback

The past few days have been remarkably silent on here due to a horrible bout of sickness through the house. The mister and Zac were hammered with it first and just when I thought the rest of us would sneak through without getting it I was slammed and now Eli and the little Miss C are both suffering from runny noses.
I am praying like crazy it blows through the house quite quickly at this point because we are all pretty over it. Homemade chicken soup and tea with honey will be on the menu for the next few days chased by copious amounts of vitamin C tablets and echinacea.
In other news I was scrolling through my pictures the other day and found this little gem. Look how little they were only a year ago!

Oh! It just makes my heart hurt. Time goes by too quickly!

1 comment:

Kaylee said...

In my mind, they are still this little (as little as when I last saw them :D)