Saturday, October 30, 2010


We carved a pumpkin today!

It was the first Kevin and I have done together and Kevin thinks the first he's actually carved. We opted to go pretty beginner with our design for that reason.

However step 1, is always to get the guts out.

Zac liked the first handful but then decided he was done...
Eli did the rest.
He stayed extremely clean, and serious, through out the entire process which shocked me more then I can write! Not a single smile crossed his chubby little cheeks and a shirt change was not need after the project was done... both things very rare!

Zac with our finished project!

I've been crafting away the last few days and will show pictures eventually I'm sure! I keep running out of things I need to completely finish a project, which is enough to make me want to pull my hair out every time!
I will get my act together shorty though! This week has been madness, but hubby is on a stretch of 4 days off so things should come back to normal and I should be able to think complete thoughts soon. Which means I will have completed projects... soon!

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