Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To Do Book

I am a "To Do" list junky.

I make them in the morning, I make them in the afternoon, and I make them in the evening. And then I loose them, almost the instant it seems, after I complete them...

I have always wanted to sew paper on my sewing machine, but have been terrified. I was convinced it would ruin my machine... make it smoke uncontrollably and then explode from the mass of noted thread throughout the insides while the motor over heated.

Tonight I decided to concur one of my fears while dealing with my issue of To Do list loosing...

I had an old spiral bound book sitting around that needed a good dose of beautifying so I pulled out the scrapbook paper and set myself up to sew paper... on my machine...

It all worked out! No exploding machine, no tangled thread!
It worked, it worked, it worked!!!

I also love the look of the book! (not the best pictures I'm afraid, something about taking pictures at night...I'll post more later) I can't wait to start my lists and know where they are!
I can feel the productivity rising already!

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